Boulder Residence Preview

We recently did a final punch list on a home renovation we’re close to completing in Boulder CO and wanted to share some images we took.

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The project included full architectural interior and procurement services.  One of the most glorious things we were able to do is insert a 30 foot long operable glass wall in the main living space.  The room has a breathtaking view that overlooks the Flatiron range of the Rockies.  When the wall is closed the glass wall lets the sun and view shine in; when open, the room feels like part of the mountains.

boulder residence
Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Urban Design Firm

There were quite a few pieces of custom millwork and furniture done for this project.  For the breakfast nook off of the kitchen, we designed what we’ve dubbed the Gamma Table. The table has a large, beautiful quartz top with steel legs that were designed by abstracting the mathamatican symbol for gamma (the owner has a flair for engineering and mathmatics). Supple leather and wood banquette seating provides the backdrop for the table. The family spends a ton of time here.

A multi-media room for the lower level of the residence provides a space for play, entertaining, and family movie night.  In order to keep the look of the room super clean, the theater screen takes up one entire wall in the room and hides the larger components of the Dolby Atmos sound system.  In lieu of using stuffy, traditional theater seating, we designed a piece of custom millwork that has a raiser seating tier for sofas we procured.  A solid surface bar counter is integrated into the back of the seating riser.

Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Urban Design Firm

We can’t wait to share professional images of this one…please stay tuned!