Pardon My Chinglish

When we first started Tumu Studio, we had to learn a lot of new things in a short time.

I felt overwhelmed.  So, I wrote everything that I want to improve in my notebook. And writing is on the top of the list. Because I felt the need to reach out to a broader audience, to seek understanding, to make an impact. This journal will be my platform to do so and a window for you to peek into part of our lives.

Head shot of of Huili Feng
Head shot of of Huili Feng

Designing a building or a space can be a long process. Working with an architect is a very personal thing. We started Tumu Studio based on our belief: by doing what we love, which is design, we can help other passionate people to build their dreams. Connecting with people, cultivating relationships, and engaging with communities is an important part of our design process and our life.

For my first journal post, I want to put a disclaimer: I’m not a native English speaker and moved to the United States from China when I was 23. On my first flight to Chicago, I missed my transfer flight at LAX because I couldn’t understand the language. For the past 15 years of living here, what was my weakness turned to be my strength: my bi-cultural background gave me new perspectives; my initial language barrier forced me to listen more carefully and always ask questions; the new living environment fostered my growth mindset and pushed me beyond what I’ve known. I learned one of the most important life and business survival skill: adaptation.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you, but first, please pardon my Chinglish (Chinese-English).

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