Batch Restaurant

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Program: Quick Breakfast, Restaurant, and Bar

Status: In Progress

Batch is an exciting new concept restaurant opening soon in Chicago. The restaurant is designed to accommodate a changing functionality over the course of the day: a coffee shop and breakfast spot in the morning, a restaurant in the afternoon and evening, and a bar at night. Light, natural materials and a clean, crisp aesthetic bring liveliness into the dark existing space and create a modern and cozy atmosphere.  An oversized wood pegboard bar back and ceiling, linear wall garden, and an open biscuit-prep counter provide several pleasant focal points throughout the space and seamless transitions from day to night operations.

Mood boards created during concept design.

The material palate for the restaurant was selected with comfort in mind.  Light natural wood, whites, and soft textures are used throughout the space.  A great amount of attention was paid to the detailing and suitability of all materials used.

A planted wall and biscuit-prep counter bring nature and activity into the main seating area.

The ceiling and back bar help to differentiate the various areas in the restaurant.