Chicago Riverwalk

Location:  Chicago, Illinois

Program: Urban Planning + Design, Community, Ecological

Status: Complete

The Chicago Riverwalk is a linear park and urban space that stretches from Michigan Avenue to the confluence at Lake St. The design revolves around the creation of ‘rooms’ that are linked through a common design language and feature unique urban landscape and activities. The project has received numerous awards and recognition and has become a bustling place for business and recreation in the heart of Chicago.

Tumu Founder, Huili Feng, played an essential role for more than a decade working on the riverwalk while at Ross Barney Architects.  She touched almost every aspect of this project and was specifically in charge of the development of the stainless steel underbridge canopies and the water fountain room.

Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Urban Design Firm
Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Urban Design Firm