This beautiful Chicago landmark building, built 1889, is full of amazing details and even a stained glass window from Pavilion of Fine Arts at the 1893 Worlds Fair.  The building has been used for various purposes since the Germania Club closed its doors in 1986, most recently a wedding venue.  

The goal of this project was to create a modern office space while preserving the beauty of the buildings amazing interior. The renovation consists of thee floors and the 1st floor lobby that serves both the office and a daycare center. Throughout the interiors, we emphasised the historic meets modern theme by creating a harmony between the two. The upper levels of the building are centered around two ballrooms that create a dramatic open office space.  The scale of these large volumes is broken down in the adjacent rooms, providing places to meet, private offices, a lounge, and breakout/quiet spaces.


Chicago, Illinois


Architecture, Interiors, Historic renovation