Island Party Hut

Location:  355 East Riverwalk South, Chicago Riverwalk, Illinois

Program: Riverwalk Concessionary

Status: Design Development

Design Team: Tumu Studio (Architect), Element Engineering (MEP), Goodfriend Magruder (Structural), Eriksson Engineering (Civil)

Island Party Hut currently operates out of several modified shipping containers on the Chicago Riverwalk.  Tumu has been hired to expand their capacity by adding a new restaurant, restrooms, and riverfront bar to their existing facilities.  The project is currently under design and is planned to open in the spring of 2019.

The project is located on the southern side of the main branch of the Chicago River.  The site spans the riverwalk between the Columbus Drive Plaza and Bridge on the west and the Vista Tower riverwalk plaza on the east.  Using prefabricated modules as the main component of the building structure will allow the project to be constructed over the winter and shorten the construction schedule allowing Island Party Hut to make the most of the summer season.

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The project is designed to form a strong relationship with its phenomenal site.  The dining room is covered by a pre-fabricated retractable roof structure and storefront that allows the building to become largely open to the elements on beautiful Chicago summer days.  The structure is meant to be naturally ventilated for as much of the season as possible.

Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Urban Design Firm

From dining room and patio, guests are immersed in the Chicago Riverwalk experience

The main structure will border the touchdown of Columbus Plaza and provide public restrooms and a ticketing booth for boat tours.  While the main restaurant is designed to function throughout the year, the other components of the project are able to close up during inclement weather and during the offseason.