Middle Brow Bungalow

Location: 2840 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, Illinois

Program: Restaurant and Brewery

Status: Under Construction

Design Team: Altus Works (Architect), Tumu Studio (Design Arch), Element Engineering (MEP), K Engineering (Structural)

We are very excited to share some of the progress on a project that we are working on for Middle Brow Beer Co.   Middle Brow is doing exciting things in the world of beer.  Their brew is sophisticated and approachable.  The owners are a great inspiration, and designing their new home base for their business has been fantastic and rewarding.

The existing building that the new Middle Brow brewery will be in is long and narrow.  The design team met that challenge by providing a sequence of spaces that take advantage of the length by creating a series of experiences.

A small retail area and a beautiful bar greet patrons when they walk into the building.  To the left is a lounge area, for a more chill environment and a piano for those that may fancy a go.  A skylit dining room with banquette seating and a long table provide a place to eat while sitting next to the large wood foeders that Middle Brow uses for some of its special brews.

The interior is warm, inviting, and comfortable.  Natural light is featured throughout and, when the weather permits, the large doors opposite the bar can be opened to blur the line between interior and exterior.