R^2 Lobby Renovations

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Program: Renovation of 3 Building Lobbies

Status: Out for Bid

An existing conditions analysis of the entryway, facade, and interior lobbies was performed for three locations in Downtown Chicago. Precedent research of comparable spaces and a design direction for items to be replaced, removed, and renovated was prepared for each building. The project report provided several levels of renovation, from minimal to extensive, to allow the client flexibility while determining costs and schedule for construction.

For all three buildings the design effort focused on creating a simple, clean, modern experience for the building tenants.  At 130 S. Jefferson, the added gypsum fenestration and coverings in the lobby are planned to be removed to expose the building’s beautiful wood, brick, and concrete structure.  Openings to the elevator lobby beyond are enlarged to create a more substantial connection between two spaces.

The lobby of the Pontiac Building features rich, finely detailed woodwork throughout the space.  By adding LED cove lighting, artwork, and a modern building information display in addition to refurbishing the existing woodwork, the space is substantially improved with minimal investment. The cooler color palate accentuates the wood and provides cleaner, more sophisticated feel to the space.

The final report was structured to provide a road map for improvements to each building.  Each section defines scope and area of work along with a suggestion as to the priority of work to be preformed.  The work scope is followed by precedent imagery, product suggestions, and rendered vision for each space.