Vine Residence

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Program: Architecture, interior design, custom furnishings, procurement

Status: Complete

A large portion of the design effort for this home renovation project focused on the kitchen and its surrounding areas.  The client’s brief was to open up their existing kitchen to create a connected space for cooking and other interactions.  With that in mind we set out to transform this space into a family hub, not only a place to cook, but also write, read, work, gather and entertain.

The custom-designed cabinetry has a more modern take on conventional shaker style.  The crisp thin edge adds some extra detail which compliments the clean yet classic look.  The hexagon-shaped brass hardware and dark navy color bring in a touch of personal style.

The large island can seat 6 comfortably and takes advantage of an odd corner in the home that was otherwise a challenge to utilize.  An upholstered built-in lounge seat was designed to provide extra soft seating near the window.

The powder room design packs drama, personality and sophistication in a small space.